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Sven Niemeyer, born in 1981, in Delmenhorst, has moved his center of his creative work to the beautiful city of Hamburg. From there, he offers the entire range around theater and dance. Svens technical knowledge and his experiences as pedagogue worldwide makes him also very special like his experiences as an active dancer, singer and actor - in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

He completed his education in Hamburg and Munich, conquered the United States, specifically Los Angeles, for a couple of month of training, choreographed Musicals, Operas, Dance Theatre pieces, worked with big names of the international dance scene -the list of his expertise is long. Clients call him "one of the best coaches in the world, leading his students to a higher level of Perfomance and let their creativity flow", "a bundle of energy”... who “helps every dancer in class to be the best dancer he/she can be!”. "Highest concentration and dynamics, discipline and absolute individuality of each person he works with, are the attributes that accompany his work.” Also in private, Sven Niemeyer’s incredible energy, his authenticity and his passion for what he does, let him stand out amongs others. Sven's plans for the future?

So much! Million ideas waiting to be implemented.

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